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    The Two Fires of Conflict course encourages and equips followers of Jesus Christ to experience a transforming peace in the midst of conflict. This is accomplished by examing what the scriptures teach about conflict combined with a relationship of relentless personal reliance on Jesus Christ. The course is divided into 40 video sessions. Each video lasts about 5 minutes. This course content is included in the PeaceSmart Relationships course. This version of the Two Fires of Conflict Course provides flexibility to the Christian leader to use the resource as a personal devotional study, or for small group studies, Sunday School classes, couples ministry, etc. There is a one page study guide that accompanies each video. The study guides can be downloaded and/or printed for individual or group use. If you would like to use Peacefire resources in your ministry to others, please contact Brian DeCook @ bdecook@peacefire.net.